Bacon products

We offer a very wide and distinctive selection of salt-cured streaky bacon and back bacon products. From traditional smoked or lightly salted bacon and fried bacon through to clean label custom-made products for industrial processing.

Available in several variants, such as slicing-line formats and non-bulk products, including slices, cubes and strips. We serve the different segments of the market with products optimally tailored to their requirements.

Industrial segment

These products are usually made on the basis of customer-specific requirements for further processing in e.g. ready meals, salads, pizzas, snacks, ‘bake-off’ products, soups and sauces. With our product development department, we can ensure that the cut, recipe, flavour, format and packaging are precisely customised to the desired specifications.

Retail segment

We supply a wide range of products, both for slicing at the counter and in slicing-line formats for the preparation of consumer units in central butchery departments and (fresh) slicing lines. Key features of this product group are high quality and optimum slicing yield. The flexibility of our organisation guarantees fast delivery of all required quantities, aligned with the customer’s needs.

Food service segment

We have an excellent selection of products that are ideal for use in catering, commercial kitchens and companies. From whole and sliced products through to strips and cubes, in both vacuum and reduced oxygen packaging.

Key features